Hi! I’m Arden!

A bust style photograph of Arden Wolf with a red back ground

I am passionate about the intersection of art, design and technology. I look to bring my own creativity and interest into the design process. I am creator across a broad set of physical and digital formats and media: art, design, logos, digital user experience, fashion, and illustration. Street art is a root and inspiration for a lot of my work and am constantly thinking about public interactions with art and identity.

I am in my Junior year at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Fine Arts where I am focused on the converge of art and technology. In Summer of 2019, I helped a web startup with its branding and positioning and did graphic design for them. This past summer I was an intern at MediaMonks, a global video and interactive production company where I came up with creative and visual concepts proposals for ad campaigns. Going forward, I want to combine the physical and digital space, with a particular focus on design and user experience!

Contact me at: wolf.arden@gmail.com

My current resumé